Hello I'm nur iylia ibrahim..age?? blabla.. haha.. PARIS is my dream country n i'm gonna be there one day.. welcome to my official blogger..=)

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missing HIM..
Thursday, February 4, 2010 | 1:22 PM | 0 Love Letters
now dah 1 month tak jumpe die..
urmm miss him a lot..
even we message everday..but i still miss him so much..

1 month tak tengok muke die..

1 month tak kua dengan die..

1 month tak tengok smile die yg cumel tu..

1 month dah tak drove wit him..

1 month we not laugh together..

1 month dah lia tak kacau die ..

1 month die tak kene kan lia..

1 month dah kiteowng tak g 1utama..

1 month dah kiteowng tak lepak bersame..

1 month dak kiteong tak makan ais krim!!(yg salu lia abiskan..cian die)

1 month kiteowg tak makn LAKSA NYONYA KAT IKANO!

1 month kiteowng tak tengok movie..

1 month dah kiteowng tak kacau budak2 yang KEJE PARKSON TU..

1 month dah kiteowng tak merayau-rayau cari tmpt tok lepak..

1 month dah la die tanggal kan TTDI DGN KOTA DAMANSARA die..

hurmm.miss him gler lah..
hurry dear..came home..
ur home sweet home..
miss u sayang.......